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Small Business + IT Support

We have been providing Domain Name Management, Web Hosting and Email Hosting services for several years alongside Web Design services and many of our customers required the next step of assistance when it came to emails, email set-ups, hardware upgrades, purchase & set-ups as well as more complex Information Technology and Communications resolutions.

Small Business Support provides the extended services that businesses (and homes) commonly need to minimise disruptions through:

  • disconnection
  • loss of domain name
  • non-updated / obsolete hosting platforms
  • windows or mac operating system updates
  • IP address conflicts
  • malware / virus / hacking / phishing content
  • or plain hardware and software issues

The support that we commonly provide centres around the most common issues our clients face with their emails, internet and computers at work and at home! Some are more complex than others but they all have one thing in common – they make communication impossible from that device; so contact us, when you encounter any computer issues before losing more time and contacts.

Local IT Support

Remote IT Support

Email Connection Fixes

Ongoing Business Support

Domain Name & Hosting

Secure Back-Ups

Hardware Upgrades

Affordable Web Services

Time is Precious. Let the Experts Fix It!

Make “Small Biz Support” your own accessible I.T. department and minimise lost time, being disconnected for too long.

Whether it’s at home or at work, SmallBizSupport will solve your computer gremlins – big or small whether it’s remotely or on-site across Melbourne Metro and the Mornington Peninsula.

We Work With:

our primary clientele derives from Web Design, Marketing & Video Agencies

Local, Friendly IT Experts for Home & Business

Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne Metro
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