Domain Name & Hosting Management

Registered Your Own Domain Name & Hosting?

Seems simple doesn’t it?… until the following happens:

  • you forgot to renew your Domain Name
  • your hosting PHP needs to be upgraded to accommodate your recommended / essential website platform upgrade
  • your emails stop working
  • some or all pages of your website seem corrupted
  • you are notified that your website is sending phishing content
  • your email / website / computer have been hacked

Where do you start the fix?

You may have seen on our “About Us” page that for several years, we have been providing Domain Name & Hosting management services to many businesses. The common issues that arise above cannot be 100% safeguarded. Just like your phone requires several APP upgrades, hosting and website platforms these days go through the same evolution… these are not always related to added functionality but most often recommended updates for security reasons. Not doing so makes your hosting, emails and website vulnerable – and that’s when problems arise more frequently. Unfortunately people only realise this when issues occur and things stop working and the matter is always urgent.

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