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What if you lost everything? Remember one thing; once you’re online, nothing is 100% safe – however, you can put things in place to make your data more secure… and, shorten the saved, online back-up history in order to minimise losses. 

From where we stand, regular back-ups is vital. In our experience, people only value this process after their data has been compromised. Retrieving lost data for our clients has an intensity that even we, can never get used to. When there is no regular back-up in place, it’s a gamble regarding how much of a compromised document we can retrieve and, keep ‘clean’ of malware.

Copying you documents onto a USB drives or any external hard drive seem easy; however, you need the time and discipline to do this on a regular basis… and, if you are not careful, the last version that you save might be the malware version… and, where do you store those hard drives? What if they get stolen? What if that part of your building unfortunately suffers from a disaster? What is our plan then?

Choose the right backup solution. If you data is valuable to you, treat it accordingly. Do not only realise its value at the time that you wish that you had taken all measures to protect it.

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