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Do You Have Email Connection Issues?

We have been assisting businesses in various capacities long enough to know this; and this happens 100% of the time! Email connections are taken for granted UNTIL IT STOPS WORKING! At that point, people will try various ways to fix it themselves and by the time that they reach out to a professional for assistance:

  1. they are not in a very good mood
  2. they pass on the pressure of “getting it fixed” ASAP to us
  3. they have lost a lot of business from people trying to email them
  4. they have several people waiting for an email back from them

Even if you have your email professionally set up by someone, things change in the hosting and internet world where connections might be interrupted temporarily or permanently such as: major internet providers systems might be down nationally or in your region. Changing hardware, phones, internet or hosting providers, an operating system upgrade, or an anti-virus upgrade or even connection upgrades might be the cause. The troubleshooting list can be intensive and require a sequence of process of elimination before finding out what the cause of your email interruption is; but when we know what we are doing, this saves you from majorly changing settings that you shouldn’t have tampered with and complicate the issue further (we encounter that all the time, too).

So contact us early, when you realise that your email has stopped working and you had never changed your password nor touched your computer and device settings.

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